The Biggest Challenge for Marketers

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The Biggest Challenge for Marketers

Does Social Media Provide Expert Advertising Know-How?

There are so many accomplished business owners and knowledgeable professionals out there. It makes me thankful to live in an area of the country where talent is rewarded and hard work pays off. I feel fortunate to work with many of these businesses and love every minute of it. Marketing is not always an easy industry, but it is always a rewarding one – for me.

I am often asked about the biggest challenge I face in my job. Surprisingly, it is not the tasks necessary for executing a successful campaign nor the ever-changing technology that I rely on, that makes it difficult. Rather, it is the notion that anyone can be a successful marketer.

Since the advent of social media, it has become a common assumption that anyone can market their own business, and do it successfully. While I do agree that social posts can be done relatively easily, and very inexpensively, there is still that obscurity which defines success.

Let’s face it, marketing has one purpose – to generate qualified leads that a sales team or company owner can convert into customers. Sounds easy, but the check’s not yet in the mail. There are certain steps that need to be implemented to create a successful and traceable marketing effort. In general a business owner should consider clearly defining their goals and intentions, citing quantifiable objectives with measurable results. The idea that mass marketing (or general advertising whether in-print or digital) will yield immediate results is ridiculous. Consumers are too savvy for that.

Instead, a clearly defined audience, a distinct ability to measure results, a well-thought out budget and an inventory of people inside and outside your organization that can assist with implementing your plan should all be well defined prior to execution of a program. These are all items that most small business owners either do not have the resources to plan, or the staff to execute.

Thankfully, there are marketing agencies out there who can assist in defining these variable and carrying out the tasks needed to complete a full-blown campaign. I am happy to be one of those agencies, as that is not only my biggest challenge in marketing, but also my greatest joy. Working with companies who move from “marketing unprepared” to “campaign success” is not only rewarding to me (and the business owner), it’s a puzzle worthy of a solution.

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