Sale into the Holidays

//Sale into the Holidays

Sale Into the Holidays

How to create a promotional campaign that captures shoppers and converts sales

It’s that time of year when we shift our attention from fall, back to school and work chaos, to all that the holidays bring. That doesn’t mean things quiet down and business stops. Simply consumers and business people alike are more in tuned with the holiday cheer, giving spirits and the customary gift giving necessities. So, now is the right time to create your campaign to attract some of those buyers and drive holiday sales.
What does your campaign need? Here are a few suggestions for a successful promotion.

Finalize your deals

Back Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the busiest sales day of the year. You must take advantage of this and have your online shop updated and ready for traffic. Your emails campaigns, which should increase roughly 50% over norm during November and December, should be designed and ready to deploy. Update your pay-per-click advertising to support actual inventory so you are promoting the products you have in hand.

Settle on timing

If you haven’t already planned out your campaign launch, email promotions and holiday website updates – you’re late! Consumers begin looking for gift ideas while bathing suits are still on the racks. You can still garner some of that holiday market, but you must plan now. A few areas to focus on:

  1. Schedule – Create a timeline of all holiday activities, including postal mailers, emails campaigns, customer loyalty days, holiday shipping deadlines and online ads.
  2. Inventory – ensure you have plenty of your best-sellers available for the high-traffic days.
  3. Staffing – If you need additional help make sure you bring them on TODAY! Your busiest days are not optimal for training new or temporary employees.
  4. Monitor – Know how you will track activity and pay attention to sales and revenues for each of your marketing channels.

Build Your Brand

Consumers are much more tolerant of promotional materials during the holidays. They seem more relevant to the season and often are helpful. Don’t forget to use this time to strengthen your brand. Develop messaging and promote your unique product to niche communities through valuable information and targeted content. Then offer your deals or specials exclusively to that group. Don’t be afraid to try something you haven’t done in marketing before, like engaging with a brand influencer, promoting the lifestyle your product or service delivers (not just the product itself) or branching out into the areas that your competitors are ignoring.

Do Something

Even if you are under-staffed, short on time and limited in resources do something, even just one thing, the capitalize on the season. A great option might be Facebook Ads. They are relatively inexpensive, provide the ability to target your buyers, and are simple to create and deploy.

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