Is your business moving 1,000 miles an hour but progressing at a snail’s pace?

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Is your business moving 1,000 miles an hour but progressing at a snail’s pace?

Is moving at a breakneck pace really the best way to grow your business? This idea recently came to my awareness as I speed about throughout my daily work life. Deadlines, meetings, business promotion, networking, outbound calls and inbound calls, working to solve customer complaints — it seems like an endless stream all day long. At the end of the day, how much forward progress has really been made?

What happened to those well-written plans that were approved at the start of a new campaign, or the beginning of the fiscal year? It occurs to me the many organizations never stop to examine (or re-examine) their strategy, adjust their goals, foster new relationships, develop new procedures or policies in response to failed systems? It all seems counterintuitive. So why do we as business owners continually run in that proverbial hamster wheel? Would it be so terrible if we all just slow down and took our time?

To me this idea of slowing down is at the heart of good customer service, great management, and ultimately the best strategy for business growth. Taking time to reflect on the business, better understanding who your target audience is, and putting the correct procedures, policies, and staff expectations in place can only lead to perfecting the practice. Instead we settle for mediocre, or competent at best, in all that we do so we can check more things off the list. Perhaps I can reach out to 100 potential cold-call prospects in one day, but if all those outreach efforts fall flat at the end of the week, why? What does all of the effort achieve for the company.

Instead we should be focused on relationship building with actual prospects, and more long-term rapport building to stay “front of mind.” Most importantly, using our “touchpoints” to consistently educate our network as it applies to their lives, meets their needs, and solves their problems. A true customer focused approach can only be achieved when we slow down long enough to sincerely understand and connect with the person behind the “customer.”

I believe I will schedule each day at a pace that allows me to put my customer first, truly work on my business (not just in it,) and allow me to enjoy each aspect of my business day.

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