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A Bit About Us

Developing a strategy, defining your objectives and implementing measurable goals is the fastest way to achieve brand recognition and organizational growth. Marketing, like business, does not happen overnight or by accident.

Research of current marketplace, consumer trends and local appetite yields solutions centered around customer needs.

Be better than your competition because you know your audience! Final Details Marketing can help businesses with this daunting task and provide insight into your next great campaign.

Who We Are

A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.


A smarter agency, for a savvier client

Our clients recognize that having a plan, sticking to it and altering only when feedback indicates that the first plan is not working, is the best way to consistently be successful. Not only can Final Details Marketing & Design develop a strategy, we work closely with our clients to monitor their activities and response levels determining the right follow-up activities and innovative new offerings.

The reason our clients stay with us year after year is because of the high level of trust and understanding that comes from a great working relationship. Our ability to build and maintain strong working relationships with our clients helps us to better understand the long-term mission and goals of the company, and recognize when things are not going according to plan. Being able to work together to assess situations and problem solve leads to a more significant game plan and less time wasted on “putting out fires”.


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